Project Tracking in Construction:
onsite, live, and in real-time


A project tracking app that works on your smartphone or tablet – record progress as you walk the site. Cellular and WiFi connectivity.


Include pictures (I hear they are worth a thousand words of typing that you would never type anyway!) and email at the press of a button. Emails and pictures are saved along with any descriptions and estimates that are recorded.

Real Time

As updates are entered - as it happens - the project file is receiving the updates. The office has the information as soon as you have recorded it.

Ground-breaking software that helps you manage your construction project, integrated with MS Project.

SupersList™ Project Tracking Software

A tool to track progress and changes in construction projects

Project Management

Simple and easy to use software that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project and your project plan

SupersList allows you to

  • Identify and quantify changes

    An experienced project manager understands that changes need to be recorded and progress tracked. Use SupersList to systematically identify and keep track of changes and the impact they have on other project tasks, including days delay, expected cost and impact.

  • Track and monitor changes as they happen

    What needs attention now? Which changes are coming up? As the project changes, delays happen. Additional work happens. Sometimes rework happens. Superslist makes it easy to record progress, completed items and changes, in pictures and words. Because it works on a tablet or iPad as well as in your office, on cellular and WiFi networks, the changes get recorded.

  • Communicate changes with management, owners, GCs, subs and the project team

    Track projects as they happen. The information is transferred in real time to the “easy to use” repository, accessible to the rest of the team. The reporting features ensure that not only do your changes get communicated, they get recorded.

  • Minimize Scope Creep and Delays

    Tracking as it happens is the key to minimizing scope creep and delays.

Project Tracking in Construction

Our story

We developed SupersList after years of using MS Project and Primavera to plan and track construction projects. The biggest challenge has always been to get good information from the site. Along with all the other tasks that a busy project manager and busy site super must attend to, record keeping ends up low in the list of priorities.

To make it easy, and therefore much more likely to happen on a recurring basis, we put the software on smartphones and tablets.

Now the super can pull up the 2 week look ahead of the project plan on his smartphone. It’s easy to mark off what is complete, what is delayed and what has been modified.

Photos can be incorporated for completed tasks and for changes.

A button for emailing changes lets the site super alert the project manager and other team members that changes have been recorded.

A tool to manage change within construction projects

SupersList helps you communicate task completion and changes to the whole project management team, create a 2 week look ahead to see what’s coming up, plan ahead and put contingency plans in place. Tracking and monitoring features keep it all together and facilitate good management and help to minimize scope creep.

Seamless integration with MS Project ensures that you have the best project plan in place and are working from the best information. It allows site personnel to communicate with office as site conditions change.

Track better, manage smarter with SupersList


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Microsoft Project training has been the cornerstone of our business for nearly two decades. Our presence within the construction education industry is second to none. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of offering our seminars, both on-site and in-class, to the Calgary Construction Association, the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association, the Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Hamilton, GVCA, VRCA, VICA and numerous other associations and companies.


A tool to track construction projects

  • Go Mobile: Smartphone and Tablets

    Works on smartphones and tablets, cellular and WiFi.

  • Seamless Integration with MS Project

    Import your project plan and begin tracking. Complete synchronization is easy.

  • Communicate

    Project Changes, Delays, Impact, supporting photos and emails uploaded to a master repository in real time.

  • 2 Week Look Ahead

    Create a 2 week Look Ahead at the press of a button.

  • Photo documentation

    Document completed tasks with photos and words.

  • Make this information available to MS Project

    At any time, reincorporate the changes you’ve recorded back into MS Project and the project plan.

SupersList: The Next Step in Project Tracking

A tool to track progress and changes onsite at construction projects

Next Step

Any construction project can face multi-dimensional challenges. The project schedule is delayed, penalties are imposed and opportunities are missed. SupersList is a tool to keep your project on track. Track progress. Track changes. Communicate in real time with the office.

Software Tool

SupersList is an advanced, fully-featured web application that provides you with the tools to identify, analyze, and respond to changes. SupersList integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project, so you can easily export projects to SupersList with just a click. Create a 2-week Look Ahead at the click of a button. Create a list of completed tasks to confirm progress. Add photos to any task or change. Identify any changes to tasks and update as necessary. All of the information is stored in a permanent repository. Finally, it is easy to record the ‘As-Built’ project schedule.

Work better, together

Our goal is to enhance ultimate capability within your organization. SupersList has been designed with team in mind. We've made it easy to share project and change profiles with colleagues, partners and everyone who has a vested interest in a project.

SupersList is a communication tool – an ideal vehicle for transferring knowledge, experience and company best practices – streamlining your process.

Go mobile

A project is rarely executed at your desk, so why should the planning be restricted to your office? SupersList is designed to work efficiently on mobile devices. So whether you're at the office or onsite, at your desk, or on your phone, SupersList is always at your fingertips.

Project Management Workshops

An essential part of project management best practices

There are no courses scheduled at this time. Please check back later or contact us for more information.

SupersList Software Pricing

Pricing options to meet your budget

Monthly Membership

$19/ mo.

  • 24/7 Access to SupersList
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

Annual Membership

$129/ yr.

  • 24/7 Access to SupersList
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects



  • 24/7 Access to SupersList
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

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